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The "harvest truly is plentifu​l, but the laborers are few."

While many Christians would love to be more effective in bringing others to Christ, 21st century technology is producing teaching methods which are less personal or interactive, thus robbing much evangelistic efforts of a personal, hands on approach.  OBS is a way to personally teach others and build more and more long-lasting relationships which will last through eternity.  If you have used OBS you know this to be true.  If you are new to the OBS method of teaching, you and those with whom you study will truly be blessed for years to come.

Why use the OPEN BIBLE STUDY series in Personal Teaching?  

Ivan Stewart's Open Bible Study lessons continue to be one of the Most Effective and Time Tested methods for reaching the lost for Christ.  Dealing with much more than how to become a Christian it stresses, among other things, what God expects of us in worship and the necessity of being faithful throughout life,   These three lessons allow the student time to process Bible concepts and teachings in a timely manner and yet allow time to begin building spiritual relationships to last a lifetime. 


About the Author and Developer  

Ivan Stewart is a well known author and evangelist whose writings from his research and development of better Personal Teaching procedures literally reach around the world.  John N. Williams, an elder and Professor at Abilene Christian University wrote in Ivan's biography: "Ivan Stewart is … an organizer … a writer … a dreamer … an innovator … a soul-winner … a problem solver … a psychologist … a teacher … creative thinker … persuader … a doer … may his tribe increase!'"  If you want to increase soul-winning in your congregation, use the OPEN BIBLE STUDY materials in your study with non-Christians.  Also write or call for information on scheduling a PERSONAL TEACHING IMPROVEMENT WORKSHOP, conducted by someone who has been trained by Ivan to carry on his work.


Our Mission

JM Publications, LLC believes in the value of learning, sharing, and teaching. We know the importance of each of those words, which is why our main goal is to enlighten the people around us and show them the true meaning of Christianity.

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