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What We Do

Why are some people better at bringing the lost to Christ than others?  Just as training is expected in every other area of life, training to become more and more effective in reac​hing the lost with the Gospel of Christ is no different. 

Six by Six - Personal Teaching Class using OBS

Not a lecture format 

Easy - Fun - Fruitful

Proven Results

Learn how to use the OBS materials with training to deal with most situations and questions.

As Go the Shepherds,

So Go the Sheep

Interactive Training

Real life scenarios 

For Future and Current Leaders in the Lord's Church

Learn to improve Listening and Problem Solving Skills

Personal Teaching Training Campaign

Taking the fear out of Evangelism 

Interactive training on how to win souls to Christ

Learn how to use the OBS materials to grow the Lord's church on average by 28 individuals a year per 100 members

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